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Our office is at 3404 Guadalupe Street, just north of the University of Texas campus, in a building affectionately known as "The Pink House."
Built in 1907 as a family home for a UT professor, the home was located in what was a remote section of town called Gypsy Grove. Back then, Guadalupe was just a dirt road and Shoal Creek was a local swimming hole tucked in the woods. In the 1920's, the house got a second story addition and "new" hardwood floors that remain in the building today.

Why is it called "The Pink House?" When Elephant Productions bought the property in 2000, the building was home to a hair salon, painted an eye-catching pink color. The house's facade is now updated with a palate of muted yellow as well as pink. It's a little piece of history nestled among Austin's dramatic growth. 

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