We know video.

With 25 years of experience, our team of creative professionals in Austin, Texas, can guide you from project planning through publishing. 



How do you last 25 years in the video production business? By being nimble, flexible, and client-focused. Since 1992, Elephant Productions has remained among the top video production companies in Austin, Texas, by evolving with technology and trends, but never losing sight of each clients' unique goals.

We create moments of clarity, sometimes from mountains of content. We strive to understand the subject matter as well as you do and to treat the content with as much care as you do.

No matter how complex or technical, we produce projects that create a connection with the audience.

Professional Services

Let's be honest, video seems simple. Especially in today's world, where we all have handheld devices that produce it.

However, when you need to create a professional project that educates, captivates, or moves an audience to action—a project that reflects the polished image of your organization—that takes the kind of skill only an experienced team of professionals can provide.

Elephant Productions can lead you through the planning, the production, the refining and the distribution of your project.


Nonprofit Projects

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Commercial Production

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Technical Training

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Educational Instruction

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Elementary Education

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Medical Content

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