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At Elephant Productions, we take a unique approach to pre-production, assigning a project manager and an executive producer to each project. This team becomes the lead on all of the details related to your project. These details can make or break the execution of your video – and your budget.

During this planning process, we lay out every piece of the production, from the creative approach, the visual style, the content, the script, instructional design, interactive elements, casting, and location scouting. Each of these decisions has dozens of related tasks that will be seamlessly handled by the project manager.

This is where our experience really adds value. 


The production stage is where all that planning pays off. These shoot days may involve dozens of actors and custom sets or it may be an intimate interview with your clients. Whatever your vision calls for, we have experience bringing it to life.

Elephant Productions has deep relationships with directors, photographers, and lighting experts that can create a visual style for your project. It might have a soft, beautiful, film-like quality or a realistic, documentary-style treatment.

We strive to match the strongest creative and technical teams with the desired style and needs of your project. No matter the budget, we have the right crew to make it happen.


Arguably the most time-consuming part of the project is the post-production process. But it's also the stage when your message comes to life. 

We blend the best images with enhanced graphics, music, and voice-over to produce a final deliverable. This is the stage where motion graphics and 3D animation are created to match the script or interview. Medical illustrations and animation enhance the understanding of technical content. Color correction, music, and sound mixing lift your project into a sophisticated arena. 

We understand that the finished project is your time to shine. We're committed to work until your team is happy with the final product.

Our post-production team has won multiple awards for this work over the last two decades. 

Delivery & Distribution

While this is the last step of your project, it is our first priority throughout the production. Your final audience and distribution platform will help shape your message, the video length, and even technical details related to the project.

Whether you’re publishing on Facebook or Twitter, spreading your message through YouTube or Vimeo subscribers, or featuring it on your web page, Elephant Productions will make sure the story achieves your goal of engaging the target audience.

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